Urban Farming

The New Brighton City Council recognizes there is a desire to engage in more sustainable food practices.  The keeping of certain types of fowl can create unintended negative impacts, including noise and odors that are not typical of urban environments in addition to health implication for certain individuals with severe allergies, in the case of bees.  To address these potential concerns, there are reasonable regulations in place, outlined on this page.

To refer to the city code chapter on animals and fowl click here, otherwise see the FAQs below.


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Backyard Chicken Keeping
How many chickens can I have?

No more than 6 per property.

Do I need a license?

No, however the city does require that you fill out this form of notification.

What are the rules on processing chickens?

Per the code: no outdoor butchering of fowl is permitted.

Are there coop standards?

Yes, the city requires that all coops be no less than 3 square feet per bird.

Other standards:

(1) Clean and sanitary;

(2) Made of sound construction and craftsmanship;

(3) Be maintained so they remain structurally sound;

(4) Protect the fowl from the weather;

(5) Be located in the rear/back yard and meet the most restrictive of the following setbacks:

a. 5 feet from side and rear property lines.

b. 25 feet from residences on adjacent and nearby lots.

c. A setback from adjacent and nearby residences a distance at least equal to the distance the coop is placed from the residence on the subject property.

d. 25 feet from a lake, wetland, pond, stream, tributary, drainage ditch or the like. 6-23

e. All other structure or building setbacks required under the Zoning Code.

(6) Not be located inside a primary residence or place of business; and

(7) Follow best practices for nests.

Can my chickens free range?

All fowl shall be prohibited from running at large off of the owner’s property.

What about roosters?

All roosters are prohibited.

Backyard Bee Keeping
Do I need a license?

No, however the city does require that you fill out this form of notification.

Are there any requirements?

Any property owner who keeps bees shall provide and maintain a nearby, designated water source.