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Driver's License
Can I renew my Driver's License here?

Yes, you can! We are located in the lower level of New Brighton City Hall. 

To save time, you can start the online application and bring the confirmation with you.

What's the difference between Real and Enhanced Driver's Licenses and IDs?

There are three Minnesota driver’s licenses currently available: Standard, REAL, and Enhanced. Most Minnesota residences currently have a Standard driver’s license which is good until October 2020

After October 2020*, if you fly domestically within the U.S., you will need either a REAL DL, Enhanced DL, or a passport to board a plane.

For an additional $15, the Enhanced DL/ID’s are dual-purpose card(s) that serve as a typical driver’s license and allow a Minnesota resident to re-enter the U.S. at its land or seaports when returning from Canada, Mexico, Bermuda or the Caribbean.

Click here to Pre-Apply for any of these options before heading in. 

*You are not required to switch if you have no intentions on traveling via plane.

Please see below or click here for a Driver’s License-Identification comparison chart.

For further driver’s license questions please visit or call 651-297-3298.

When can I get a REAL ID?


We now offer REAL driver’s licenses and ID’s at our location! However, be aware that wait times in office as well as wait times to receive cards may take longer than usual due to the new driver’s license system.

Please click here and carefully review all requirements on what to bring when applying for the REAL ID.

Feel free to Pre-Apply for a Driver’s License or ID and bring your confirmation page before stopping in.

Note: Minnesota has an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver’s licenses and identification cards from Minnesota at Federal facilities, nuclear power plants and federally regulated commercial aircraft until October 1, 2020.

What does it cost if I renew early to get a REAL ID?

There is a fee, in addition to the standard cost of the card, for early renewal based on how many months the REAL ID is obtained before a person’s driver’s license or ID card expires:

•    $2 for a renewal 17 months early.
•    $4 for a renewal 18-29 months early.
•    $6 for a renewal more than 29 months early.

The standard cost for a REAL ID is the same as for a standard driver’s license or ID card.

For Frequently Asked Questions about REAL ID please click here.

Do you offer Enhanced Driver's License services?


We offer Enhanced Driver’s License and ID services between 8am and 4pm during the weekdays*.

To apply for an EDL or EID please click here and carefully review the requirements on what to bring when applying. Be aware that wait times in office as well as wait times to receive cards may take longer than usual due to the new driver’s license system.

Feel free to Pre-Apply for a Driver’s License or ID and print your confirmation before stopping in.

*Due to time restrictions you must be at the counter by 4pm for service.

Can I take an exam at your location?

Unfortunately The New Brighton License Bureau is not an exam station.

Please click here to search for exam locations near you.

For general questions including locations, testing, or to schedule an appointment, please call 651-201-7900 or go to

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Can I reinstate my Driver's License at your location?

Unfortunately, no.

You will need to contact an exam station, such as Arden Hills, on costs and requirements to reinstate your driver’s license.

Motor Vehicle
How does the drop box for vehicle registration tab renewals work?

Simply place your renewal notice in the Drop Box before 11:00am and we will have it ready for pick up within 24-hours.

This service is available for current Minnesota Residents (No Dealers) who are processing Motor Vehicle Registration ONLY.


The black drop box is located in the lower level of New Brighton City Hall.

As you enter the License Bureau it is to your left by the Council Chamber doors.

  • Enclose your Renewal Notice(s), Check and insurance company name, policy number, and expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY) in one envelope
  • Payment by Check ONLY, payable to The City of New Brighton and must include a current phone number and driver’s license number.

*Verify address and Minnesota County on your registration renewal notice.
*If no changes are noted on the renewal notice, it is assumed that all the information is correct and accurate for processing.

*IMPORTANT: The person listed on the registration renewal notice must be the one to pick up.

INSTRUtab drop box sign.jpgCTIONS FOR PICKUP:

  • Skip the line and go to the counter with the sign that says “TAB DROP BOX PICK UP.” One of our staff will assist you.
  • You must be the person listed on the registration notice to pick it up.
  • You will need to present your Driver’s License or Identification for verification.

** The Deputy Registrar reserves the right to not process tab renewals if information is missing or incorrect.**

I don't have my prebill, can I still buy tabs?


If you are the registered owner, come in with your ID, plate number and valid insurance information and we will print a prebill for you. Insurance must include your insurance company's name, your policy number and the expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY). 

Electronic insurance information is accepted.

What do you accept for insurance on title transfers and tab renewals?

As of January 1st, 2016 you are required to provide your auto insurance company’s name, policy number and expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY).

Electronic insurance information is accepted.

How can I find out what I paid last year for my tabs?

Visit Driver and Vehicle Service Online Services and select “Find Tax Paid for a Motor Vehicle."

How much does it cost to transfer a vehicle?

The transfer fee is based on the age and the amount paid for the vehicle.

You can stop in with your vehicle identification number (VIN) or plate number and we are glad to calculate the fees for you.

Or for a list of general title transfer fees, please click here.

For further information visit or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651-297-2126.

I just moved here from out of state, what do I need to register my vehicle?


Please begin by completing an Application To Title. If all owners are unable to stop in, please make sure they sign the bottom of the Application to Title and bring a copy of the front and back of their driver’s license.

You will need your title*, your auto insurance information including the company name, policy number, and policy expiration date (MM/DD/YYYY). Electronic insurance information is accepted. 

If there is a loan on the vehicle we will need the lien holder's name, address and the date of loan (MM/DD/YYY).

If this is a leased vehicle we will need a Power of Attorney from the leasing company authorizing you to register the vehicle in Minnesota and their Minnesota Tax Account number. Please bring your lease agreement and arrive with a completed and printed Application To Title and a Lesee Designation form. Note that because this is a leased vehicle the leasing company should be listed as the owner and their information listed on the Application To Title. Your information should be listed on the Lesee Designation form. If there is a loan on the vehicle that the leasing company would like listed we will need the lien holder's name, address and the date of loan (MM/DD/YYY).

* If you do not have your out of state title, you can bring the most current out of state registration card.

For further information visit or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651-297-2126.

I lost my Minnesota title- how do I get a new one?

The registered owner(s) will need to apply for a duplicate title. Click here for a Duplicate Title Application to complete before you come in. If necessary, we can look up the owner with a driver’s license or vehicle plate number.

In many circumstances duplicate titles may be available for issuance right away in-office.

For further information visit or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651-297-2126.

I've sold a vehicle- how do I report the sale?

You can complete a report of sale online. If you would prefer to stop in please complete and bring the Seller’s Notice of Sale with you. This is typically located at the bottom of the Minnesota title.

I paid off my car loan and have a lien release- now what?

In Minnesota, regardless if you took out a loan for your vehicle or not, you will receive a Minnesota title in the mail.

If you have both your Minnesota title and lien release in hand, you have two options.

First, you can staple the title and lien together and put it in a safe place. Should you choose to sell or trade it in etc. you just have to hand both over.

Secondly, you can submit the title and lien release to the State to request a clean title for a filing fee. Please ensure the address on the title is your most current address. We will then take the originals and give you copies. It may take up to two months before the clean title arrives in the mail.

If you lost your title please complete an application for a duplicate title and bring both the form and the lien release in. We will release the lien when we order the duplicate title. (Fees may be applied to this transaction.)

For further information visit or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651-297-2126.

Can I transfer my special plate now?

Yes, MNLARS is now capable of transferring special plates. Please fill out the Special Plate Application before stopping in to complete your transfer.

For further information visit or contact the Department of Public Safety at 651-297-2126.

Do you take credit cards? What is the processing fee for credit cards transactions?

Types of Payments Accepted:

  • Cash
  • Checks
  • Visa*
  • MasterCard*
  • Discover*
  • American Express*

*There is a 2.49% credit/debit processing fee.

Do you offer notary services?

Yes! We offer notary services for a $5 charge each time we sign your document. Notary services are also available at the front counter on the upper level of City Hall.


Do you take disability applications and renewal cards at your office?

Yes, we do!

To apply for or renew a disability hang tag please have the disability application or mailed card completed and signed ahead of time.

As long as it is complete then anyone may turn it in on behalf of someone else.

Why are the wait times and lines so long?

Deputy Registrars are trying to keep wait times to a minimum; however, this is difficult with the state’s new Minnesota Licensing and Registration System. MNLARS has made it so that even the most simple transactions take anywhere from 5-20 minuskeleton.jpgtes because much of the data work is completed up front while the customer is in-office.

We are actively working as efficiently and accurately as possible and appreciate your patience at this time.

If you need to apply/renew a driver's license, you can start the process online and save time waiting in line.

Again, we appreciate your patience and ask that you ensure you have all the necessary items needed for your transaction.

What should I bring to get a hunting or fishing license?

fishing reel.JPGTo purchase a hunting or fishing license, regardless of your age, you must either have your SSN on your DNR customer file or you can provide your SSN as part of your license application along with a State ID

Please note: We can not issue a hunting or fishing license without a valid Social Security number regardless of age.

To learn more please visit: or call 651-296-6157.

Can I get a duplicate marriage license or birth certificate at your location?

Unfortunately we do not offer these services.

Please visit the Minnesota Department of Health Certificates and Records for information on forms and locations.

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