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Fire Prevention

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The best fire is the one that doesn't happen.  To prevent fires we have a robust fire prevention, education, and inspection program to keep the community safe.

The purpose of Fire Safety Inspections is to make the citizens and visitors to New Brighton safe.  The Fire Department’s Inspection Program inspects existing businesses to make sure they are utilizing good fire safety habits. When residents and visitors come to New Brighton and visit a public place whether it is a business, school, nursing home, apartment building, etc., they can be confident that the building have been inspected for fire code requirements. Some buildings get annual inspections, some bi-annual and other small size, low hazard, and low occupancy buildings get inspected every few years.

The New Brighton Fire Department believes strongly in fire prevention through fire education.  Each year, the Fire Department conducts over one hundred fire education events.  The Fire Department conducts station tours, fire drills, literature, as well as providing speakers to various events.  The fire education efforts have reaped benefits by reducing the total number of structure fires that the Fire Department responds to each year.

All firefighters are engaged in fire prevention and education activities year round at facilities ranging from schools, to office uses, to manufacturing uses. To schedule a fire station visit or other fire prevention activity contact Jen Minwegen.

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