Construction Inspection Support Services Related to COVID19

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Outdoor Dining Permit:  The City has begun accepting “temporary use permit applications” for outdoor dining areas. There is NO COST for this permit, but an application will need to be submitted.  Learn More. 

The City of New Brighton Building Department is available to help with all stages of your new or ongoing construction project, big or small. 
Whether you are a contractor or a homeowner, we provide the following services:

  • Permitting 
  • Permit submittal assistance
  • City contractor licensing
  • License verification   
  • Reviews
  • Inspections
  • Inspection scheduling

City Hall is currently closed to the public, but even with the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to provide permit and inspection services.
Inspections will be prioritized based on impact to the health and safety of the community and staff, and our availability.

Please email or call 651-638-2050 weekdays during business hours if you have any questions. 


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Apply for permits:
Residential Permits

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Commercial Permits


SAC Determinations: All commercial building permits will need to have a SAC determination completed before issuance.  SAC is a one-time fee that the Metropolitan Council charges local governments when a residential, commercial, industrial or institutional property first connects to the regional wastewater (sewer) system or a business grows or changes and creates more potential demand on the wastewater system.  More information can be found on the Metropolitan Council’s website by clicking here.

Backflow Devices: It is the responsibility of the owner of a testable backflow device to have it tested at the time of installation and annually thereafter. It is the responsibility of the plumbing contractor to notify the owner that testing needs to occur on this schedule. Please reference this fact sheet if you have any questions.

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Sign Permits

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If you have sign questions, please email Scott Gigrich, Code Enforcement Inspector or call 651-638-2061.

If you would like to see our City Code chapter on signs, please click here.

Solar Permits

The City of New Brighton is committed to being proactive in facilitating the use of alternative energy sources like solar panels.  The solar industry is booming in Minnesota, and it is positioned for continued growth. Solar energy can be used to generate electricity to provide hot water and to heat, cool, and light buildings and homes.  Solar power is generated with the use of photovoltaic panels. "Photovoltaic" means that sunlight is used to generate electricity Solar installations range in size and can be roof-mounted or ground-mounted. New Brighton participates in SolSmart, a national program that provides free technical assistance to help cities make it faster, easier, and more affordable to go solar.

How to apply

Please submit online permit along with required plan documentation by clicking one of the buttons below. These permits are required for both roof-mounted and ground-mounted solar systems. Small solar PV projects 10 kilowatts or less have a turnaround time of less than 3 business days. The checklist and inspection buttons describe the process and necessary information for obtaining a solar permit and solar inspection, but they are not required for a solar permit. Please reference them if you have any questions about plan documentation or inspections.


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Solar Zoning in New Brighton - coming soon

Additional Resources

  • Understanding your solar resource: The Minnesota Solar Suitability App can help you understand the solar potential of a particular site in the state. This tool displays the solar potential for every spot in the state of Minnesota.
  • Finding a solar business: Minnesota is home to many solar businesses. The Clean Energy Project Builder is a great place to find an assortment of clean energy businesses including solar installers, community solar garden developers, energy auditors and more.
  • Community Solar Gardens: Community solar gardens are centrally-located solar PV systems that provide electricity to participating subscribers. Visit this link to learn more about community solar gardens. Find out more about solar garden operators from Xcel Energy’s website under “Step 2: Contacting a Solar Garden Operator.”
  • Financing: Residents interested in installing solar PV on their property can access financing through the Center for Energy and Environment. Click here for more information. Businesses can finance solar energy projects through a tool called “Property-Assessed Clean Energy”, or PACE, in which energy-saving measures are paid for through property taxes. This can work well even for businesses that rent their space. More information on PACE financing is available here. 

For more information on additional solar-related topics, check out the resource links below:

Understanding the City of New Brighton’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan Solar objective and policies:

Objective: LU 10.0 - To be proactive in facilitating the use of alternative energy sources and ensure reasonable access to direct sunlight for areas that will undergo redevelopment over the next 20 years.


  • LU 10.1 Protect existing solar collectors from shading by development and vegetation on adjoining properties.
  • LU 10.2 Consider solar access in the formulation of plans for street landscaping and private planting plans.
  • LU 10.3 Encourage development adjacent to existing residential areas which would not obstruct sunlight on the south side of structures between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. on a clear winter solstice day (December 21).
  • LU 10.4 Encourage the use of solar energy in future housing developments through such programs as the “Energy House.”
  • LU 10.5 Consider variances to ordinance regulations, consistent with state statute, which will create opportunities for solar access employment.
  • LU 10.6 Encourage and support educational programs and research that focuses on alternative or renewable energy systems and sources.
  • LU 10.7 Work with Clean Energy Resource Teams (CERTS) on potential projects and future programs.
  • LU 10.8 Work towards recognition for Best Practices within the Green Step Cities Program for Renewable Energy.
  • LU 10.9 Explore opportunities/programs for commercial/industrial property owners to take advantage of robust solar development potential of large rooftop areas.
Special Permits

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Click on each button above to access the PDF.  If you have questions please email or call 651-638-2050.

Permit Data:
View monthly reports:

The City of New Brighton runs monthly reports on all permit data.  To access these reports click here.

View property history:

To view property history in the City please click here and use the top address bar to search for the building number.

To make a data request please visit this link.