In solidarity with neighboring communities, the City of New Brighton is implementing a weekend curfew, Saturday and Sunday, 8pm-6am. While New Brighton was calm the past few nights, we feel it necessary to ask everyone to remain off the streets after 8pm to assure the ongoing safety of our community. Please also remain vigilant, and report any suspicious persons, vehicles, or activities in your neighborhoods to 911. Our Public Safety Department will be maintaining a robust presence in the community throughout the night. With 23,000 residents and 7.2 square miles in New Brighton, we need your help now more than ever to co-produce public safety in partnership with our police officers to keep our community safe. Thanks for your understanding of this measure. The curfew does not extend to people traveling to or from work, police/fire/EMS responders, people seeking emergency care or fleeing danger, the homeless, and the news media.

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