Temporary Outdoor Dining Application

As you’ve likely heard by now, Governor Walz has authorized restaurants to operate with outdoor dining as of June 1st.  In anticipation of this possibility, your City Council finalized action last night to amend the City’s zoning ordinance to ensure local regulations will not get in your way.  Starting on May 27th and going through June 5th, the City will be accepting “temporary use permit applications” for outdoor dining areas, and our first permit has already been issued!  There is NO COST for this permit, but you will need to fill out an application (a revised version is attached), and provide the City with a site plan (i.e., a drawing) to show where the outdoor dining will be on your property, how it will operate, whether you’ll have tents, etc.  Once received, your application will become a top priority of City staff to review and approve.  Whenever possible, we will strive to process your request within one or two business days.  Importantly, the operation of your restaurant is and will continue to be your responsibility (and must meet MDH, Ramsey County, and State Safety Guidelines).  The City’s quick review will focus primarily on public safety issues.

Temporary Outdoor Dining Application

To begin the application process in advance of June 1st, please fill out the form and provide a site plan that includes the noted information.  Your best drawing will be acceptable.  Once ready, scan and email your application materials to Trevor at Trevor.Hamdorf@newbrightonmn.gov.  Simultaneously, please put the signed copy of the application form in the mail, and send it to the following address:

Temporary Outdoor Dining Program

Care of Trevor Hamdorf

785 Old Highway 8 NW

New Brighton, MN 55112

Should you have any questions about any of the above, please do not hesitate to reach out as we are ready to assist in any way we can – your success and recovery is our top priority.

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