Spring Load Restrictions in effect beginning March 4, 2021 at 12:01 am.

Springtime is a critical period for Minnesota’s roads. Soils and aggregate base materials are in a weakened state during and immediately following the frost leaving the ground. In order to prevent excessive roadway damage and protect the public’s investment, it is important to place vehicle load restrictions or limits at the beginning of the spring thaw. 

By law, the City of New Brighton, along with all other cities and counties in the state, must restrict the gross weight of vehicles using city streets when directed by the Minnesota Department of Transportation. Residential neighborhood streets are limited to 4 tons per axle gross vehicle weight with the collector streets being limited to 9 tons per axle gross vehicle weight. Residents who have a remodeling or construction project in the works that require building materials, such as lumber, shingles, concrete, cement blocks, roll off dumpsters, etc., be delivered to the site are affect by these restrictions. The size of the delivery loads need to be downsized in order to meet lower 4 ton per axle weight limits which requires more trips by the supplier. 

The city will issue permits for up to 5 tons per axle on residential streets in cases of emergencies. These permits will be issued on a day by day, case by case, basis and will depend on the condition of the street and the type of emergency.

To obtain a permit contact the Department of Community Assets and Development at 651-638-2053.  Permit Form 

A load limit map and permit can also be found at the following link: Load Limit Map

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