New Brighton Police Divisions

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Police Divisions

From the Patrol Division to the Records section we are dedicated to providing the highest quality services to those who live, work, and play in our community.  All licensed police officers join our department in the Patrol Division for several years prior to being eligible for additional assignments within our agency. 

In addition to these assignments officers may be selected to attend additional specialized training or participate in special assignments.  Additional training officers may receive includes; Drug Recognition Expert, Law Enforcement Phlebotomist, Crime Prevention, Law Enforcement Locksmith, or Emergency Medical Technician. Officers also serve as SWAT operators, crisis negotiators, hazardous materials technicians, firefighters, program liaisons, and faith community partnership coordinators. 


The Patrol Division of the New Brighton Police Division is comprised Officers and Sergeants and is the most visible element of the Department.  The Patrol Division annually responds to approximately 13,000 calls for service.  These calls range from performing CPR to arresting a violent criminal.  The Patrol Division is the only element of City government that is fully staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Members of the patrol division are equipped with marked and unmarked patrol vehicles containing computers, preliminary breath test instruments, tactical response equipment, medical and first aid kits, oxygen kits, portable automatic external defibrillators, and a host of other equipment to assist them in providing the highest level of service available.

School Resource Officers

The New Brighton Department of Public Safety currently has three police officers that are assigned as School Resource Officers or SROs. They are typically assigned to this role for up to five years.  Not only do they serve as police officers, but they are also mentors, informal counselors and teachers.  During a typical day, an SRO can be doing anything from teaching a class on drug awareness, investigating a crime involving a student, or speaking with a child that is having problems at home.  

Criminal Investigation Section

The Criminal Investigative Section (CIS) of the New Brighton Police Division has primary responsibility for conducting follow-up investigations of serious Felony and other cases of interest.  CIS is also the point of contact for initial referrals from professional agencies related to maltreatment of vulnerable adults and criminal sexual conduct cases.  In addition to their investigatory duties, they are responsible for presenting Felony cases to the Ramsey County Attorney’s office for charging and serve as the point of contact for these cases as well as issuing permits to purchase firearms.

Records Section

The Public Safety Department Records Division is responsible for the processing and maintenance of all police and fire records, reports, and files.  In addition to maintaining the department records the personnel are responsible for vehicle releases, FBI crime reporting, data practices, answering walk-up questions, answering phone calls, maintaining all public safety licensing information, scheduling facility tours, processing budget information, purchasing, and training registration and documentation.

The Records Division is an integral component of providing the highest quality service to those we serve. The Public Safety Department makes every effort to provide information to the public and those affected by events which we respond to pursuant to Minnesota Data Practices laws.  To obtain a police report or for assistance for any of the services the records division provides can be answered by calling 651-288-4100, Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm.

Community Engagement/Multi-Housing Program

The City of New Brighton Community Engagement Officer is responsible for a wide variety of activities related to building bridges between the City and the Community we serve.  The Community Engagement Officer partners with municipal and non-governmental organizations to provide direct delivery of educational programming and foster relationships. 

Crime Free Multi-Housing program is a partnership with landlords working to keep criminal activity out of rental property.  The program utilizes a specially trained full time police officer to work in partnership with apartment management and tenants to ensure all multi-housing communities in the City are safe and successful.  The CFMH Officer also works in partnership with other City departments to provide multiple resources to meet the needs of apartment owners, managers, and tenants.

For more information contact: Officer Matt Farmer

Non-Emergency 651-767-0640     Reports/Towed Vehicles 651-288-4100