Community Center Manager on Duty

Job Title: Community Center Manager on Duty

Salary range: $19.56 - $21.73/hr.

Location: New Brighton Community Center

Department: Parks & Recreation

Hours: Part-Time (6-24hrs/week)

Job Description:

To serve as New Brighton Community Center "Manager-on-Duty" during the evening and/or weekend hours in a manner that helps to ensure that facility users have a positive experience and that everyone complies with facility rules and standards for behavior. Reviews the details of events scheduled at the NBCC for which this position is responsible for as a "Manager-on-Duty" and confers with facility staff to ensure a common understanding of what's occurring, when it's occurring and what's expected from the facility. Coordinates and oversees scheduled activities by walking through the facility and being available to answer customer related questions and/or provide additional customer service. Performs various set-up and clean-up responsibilities so that the facility is kept safe, clean and ready for the next event. Ensures facility is properly secured each evening to safeguard the facility from theft and vandalism.
Hours include evening, weekend and holiday hours.

New Brighton Parks and Recreation Job Openings:  

New Brighton Parks and Recreation is now accepting applications for part-time employment.  Applicants should be 16 years of age, unless otherwise noted.  The City of New Brighton does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age or handicap status in employment of provision services.

All positions are open until filled.

Past employment does not guarantee a position with the New Brighton Parks and Recreation Department for the coming season.

New Brighton Applications are now paperless! Please fill out the application completely and please consider completing this Applicant Flow Survey.

400 10th St. NW
New Brighton, MN  55112
Phone:  651-638-2130
Fax:  651-638-2135

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