Police Officer

Job Title: Police Officer

Salary range: $4,571.94-$7,666.99 per month

Department: Public Safety

Hours: Fulltime - Hours vary; officers typically work a 12-hour shift

Job Description:

Position Summary:

To perform assigned protection, prevention, enforcement, call response, pursuit, investigation, arrest, reporting, testifying in court and related community policing responsibilities in preserving the peace and promoting the safety of citizens throughout the City of New Brighton.

Essential Accountabilities and Expected Outcomes

  1. Reads, learns and applies the laws, ordinances, policies, rules and other materials required to perform all assigned accountabilities of the position.

    • A good working knowledge is demonstrated and applied when performing assigned duties.

  1. Performs a wide variety of duties and responsibilities including but not limited to:

    • Maintaining order, enforcing State laws and City ordinances, and protecting life and property.

    • Assisting in investigating and/or preventing criminal offenses, accidents and other problem areas.

    • Apprehending and controlling offenders.

    • Responding to medical emergencies and applying appropriate first aid and/or CPR.

    • Preparing reports that include facts, analysis, and recommendations for action.

    • Testifying in court.

      • There is consistent compliance with General Orders and any other policies, protocols and procedures that are to be followed in performing assigned duties.

      • Sound, consistent judgment and problem-solving skills are exercised when dealing with widely differing and diverse circumstances, conditions and individuals or groups.

      • Assigned duties and responsibilities are handled in a manner that creates good will and positive community relations for the department and City.

  1. Performs other job related responsibilities as apparent or assigned.

Competencies Common to All Positions:

Developing and maintaining a thorough working knowledge of all department and applicable City policies and procedures in order to help facilitate compliance with such policies and procedures by all personnel.

Demonstrating by personal example the service excellence and integrity expected from all staff.

Developing respectful and cooperative relationships with co-workers, including willing assistance to newer staff so job responsibilities can be performed with confidence as quickly as possible.

Conferring regularly with and keeping the immediate supervisor informed of all important matters pertaining to those functions and job responsibilities for which accountable.

Representing the City in a professional manner to the general public and other outside contacts / constituencies in a manner that helps maintain and enhance New Brighton's reputation as a well managed City.

City of New Brighton Core Values Common to All Positions:

Represent and model the following established City of New Brighton Values: Respect for Residents, Businesses, and Visitors

Effective Communication with Residents of New Brighton Promote a Healthy Business Climate

Understand Our Past as we invest in the Future

Recognize the Importance of Working with Neighboring Communities Provide for the Safety and Security of the Community

  Accountability and Integrity in Service Delivery

Typical Working Environment:

The majority of time is field patrol with some time required inside for administrative duties, testifying in court or training.

Typical Physical Requirements for This Position:

Must pass a regular physical exam, firearms proficiency testing and maintain the stamina and strength to perform assigned duties in any combination of hazards due to weather, time-of-day, topography, risk factors, etc.

Selection Criteria to Qualify for This Position:

  • Associate's degree in law enforcement.

  • Must be P.O.S.T. licensed.

  • Must hold a First Responder certificate.

  • Must have successfully pass a background investigation and complete a one year probationary period.


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