Maps & GIS

Maps ImageThe maps within this section were created using the City’s Geographic Information System (GIS).  The GIS is comprised of data layers such as parcels, roads, parks, water, etc.  These data layers are created with geographic features (points, lines and polygons) and information (databases) about the features.  This ability to combine geographic features and information for each data layer allows New Brighton’s GIS to support the City’s mapping and data analysis needs.

Parcel MapsPlanning and Zoning MapsPublic Works MapsPublic Safety Maps
Street MapExisting Land UseStreet MapCrime
Address AtlasFEMA Flood Zones (North)Sidewalk and TrailsFire Calls
Precinct MapFEMA Flood Zones (Northwest)Street Seal CoatingTraffic Accidents
Park MapsFEMA Flood Zones (South)Street PlowingNOP Officers
Park AtlasFEMA Flood Zones (Southwest)Sidewalk PlowingTheft From Vehicles & Vehicle Parts
Boulevard Tree InventoryFlood Zones & Parcel LinesProposed Street Reconstruction
Park Tree InventoryFuture Land UseStorm Water StructuresOnline Mapping
Sidewalk and TrailsZoning & Address AtlasSpring Road RestrictionsNew Brighton Online Map
Disc Golf CourseZoningStreet SweepingRamsey County Online Map
Pike LakeCurrent Projects Crime, Accidents & Fire Calls
Long Lake   

Custom Parcel: You can obtain a copy of a parcel map that displays address, lot dimensions, property lines and an aerial photo. Simply provide us with a New Brighton address and a staff member will create your custom parcel map. Maps are free for New Brighton Residents.

Sample Custom Parcel Map

To order your Custom Parcel Map you can stop by City Hall, send an e-mail request to Mark Andrle at or call Mark at 651-638-2058.