City Clerk
Terri Spangrud
Communications Coordinator / Deputy Clerk
Sandra Daniloff


COVID-19: We are encouraging voters to vote by mail using an absentee ballot. Voters who cast a ballot on Election Day are encouraged to follow CDC guidelines and MDH guidance, such as maintaining six feet of distance between voters and wearing a face mask. Curbside voting is available for anyone who cannot enter the polling place for any reason, including concerns for their health. Curbside voting allows a voter to register to vote and vote without leaving their vehicle. 

Polling Place Changes: The City of New Brighton is unable to use several facilities normally used as polling places due to COVID-19. The New Brighton City Council approved the following replacement polling places at their June 23, 2020 City Council meeting.
  • Precinct 1 - New Brighton Community Center located at 400  10th St NW
  • Precinct 2 - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church located at 835  2nd Ave NW (CHANGE)
  • Precinct 3 - St. John the Baptist Catholic Church located at 835  2nd Ave NW 
  • Precinct 4 - Salem Covenant Church located at 2655  5th St NW
  • Precinct 5 - New Brighton Community Center located at 400  10th St NW (CHANGE)
  • Precinct 6 - Salem Covenant Church located at 2655 5th St NW (CHANGE)
  • Precinct 7 - GracePoint Church located at 2351 Rice Creek Rd
  • Precinct 8 - GracePoint Church located at 2351 Rice Creek Rd (CHANGE)

Please continue to watch this space, our newsletter and social media accounts for information as it becomes updated or as conditions change. All registered voters affected by this change can also expect to receive a notification postcard from Ramsey County Elections via United States Postal Service around July 16th. Registered voters affected by the changes can also expect to receive another letter with a map to your new polling place two weeks before Election Day. Voters can click here to find / verify your polling place before coming to the polls. (Note: This link will not reflect changes until mid-July.)


The City of New Brighton is in need of Election Judges!. This is a great opportunity to get involved, see the election process from the back side, help make sure elections run smoothly in New Brighton and, make a giant impact on our community. Socially distanced training is soon! Click on "Become an Election Judge" to learn more and apply!

(Did you know 16 and 17 year old students may serve as Election Judge trainees and receive the same wage as adult election judges? If you know a high school or home school student who wants to make a difference, please encourage them to apply!)

Questions? Click here to email our elections staff or contact them by phone at 651-638-2045.