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Emergencies: Dial 911
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New Brighton,

City Manager

The City Manager is the chief administrative officer of the City under the direction of the Council who advises the Council in matters of general policy, personnel, budget, and procedure. This position is responsible for the daily administration and coordination of all City affairs in accordance with City Code, ordinances, resolutions, and directives from the City Council and for administration of financial functions of the City. The City Manager directs all municipal operations including, but not limited to coordination and facilitation of all City Council meetings. The City Manager is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day management of the City and the implementation of all policy directives made by the City Council. In addition, the City Manager is responsible to:

  1. Facilitate effective public relations.
  2. Ensure that public services are effectively provided.
  3. Ensure all complaints are effectively handled.
  4. Direct communication to keep the public informed.
  5. Represent the City in local, regional, and state meetings.
  6. Function as delegated by the City Council.
  7. Provide telephone and in-person assistance to residents and customers.
  8. Ensure effective management and utilization of all physical assets.
  9. Ensure efficient use and proper care of all existing assets.
  10. Develop and maintain an inventory of all physical assets.
  11. Monitor the replacement or upgrading of equipment and other assets.
  12. Perform Council administrative work and implement Council decisions.
  13. Provide reports, recommendations and advice as appropriate.
  14. Evaluate the operations and recommend changes in the organizational structure.
  15. Cooperate with other governmental units and municipalities.
  16. Draft City ordinances, resolutions, and policies for Council approval.