The New Brighton Parks and Recreation Department is dedicated to delivering parks and recreation services that improve the quality of life in New Brighton and the surrounding community. We offer enrichment programs, social opportunities and instructional classes for all ages.
Colwell, Matt - Sports and Aquatics Specialist
Distad, Kelly - Recreation Supervisor
Fink, Jennifer - Director of Parks & Recreation
Hicks, Jason - Assistant Parks and Recreation Director
Hokenson, Lori - Recreation Supervisor
Johnson, Jeffery - Facilities Manager
Kesselring, Zoë - Recreation Supervisor
Larson, Maria - Recreation Supervisor
Lovell, Sarah - Guest Services Lead
Lukin, Ali - Recreation Coordinator
Manthis, Ken - Golf Operations Manager, Brightwood Hills
McDonald, Britton - Facilities Coordinator
Mehsikomer, Dawn - Membership Clerk
Nelson, Adam - Parks and Recreation Maintenance Worker
Prasek, Charles - Parks and Recreation Maintenance Worker
Salas, Miguel - Maintenance Operations Coordinator
Schute, Mike - Parks and Recreation Maintenance Worker, Deputy Fire Chief
Somkhan, Nay - Maintenance Operations Coordinator
Veiman, Jim - Forester
Wigdahl, Anne - Parks and Recreation Maintenance Worker
Wolla, Chris - Parks Superintendent

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