The Department of Community Assets and Development (DCAD) provides unique efficiencies to the City of New Brighton by combining Engineering, Community/Economic Development, Planning, and Public Works under a single department umbrella.  Together, DCAD staff oversees physical development in the City (planning, permitting, and building), infrastructure maintenance, code enforcement, recycling services, plowing, and building inspections.
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803 Old Highway 8 NW
New Brighton,
Craig Schlichting
Ali, Ahmed - Building Inspector
Anderson, Allen - Water Treatment Plant Operator
Andrle, Mark - GIS Analyst
Barron, Sean - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Bayer, Mike - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Cady, Jill - DCAD Technician
Gigrich, Scott - Code Compliance Officer
Gozola, Ben - Assistant Director Of Community Assets & Development, Planning Director
Graham, Bill - Public Works Supervisor - Streets, Sewer (Water and Storm), Street Lighting
Hartman, Jesse - Public Works Supervisor - Water
Hodgman, Dave - Mechanic
Joyce, Kelly - Water Treatment Plant Operator
Kray, Tom - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Lind, Dustin - Civil Engineer I
Miller, Derek - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Moellman, Josh - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Otis, Kim - Public Works Office Assistant
Radenbaugh, Benjamin - Mechanic
Schlichting, Craig - Director of Community Assets & Development
Springer, George - Chief Water Treatment Plant Operator
Toso, Steven - Engineering
Volk, Eric - Public Works Superintendent
Wallerius, Anthony - Public Works Maintenance Worker
Wells, Jeremy - Building Official

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