Community Notification Act

What is Minnesota’s Community Notification Act?

The Community Notification Act requires a risk level to be assigned to persons who are subject to registration under Minnesota Statute 243.166 or 243.167 before they are released from confinement in a Minnesota correctional facility or treatment facility. Primarily these are persons who have engaged in criminal sexual behavior or kidnapping or false imprisonment.


Since July 1, 1991, registrants in Minnesota have been required to provide their addresses and other required information to local law enforcement agencies.

Who May Law Enforcement Notify About Release or Relocation of Registrant?

Level 1 (lower risk) – Victims of and witnesses to the crime, other law enforcement agencies, and anyone identified by the prosecuting attorney to receive the information.

Level 2 (moderate risk) – In addition to the above, notification may be given where individuals who may become victims of the registrant are regularly found based on the registrant’s history. Law enforcement may also choose to notify certain individuals that they determine to be at possible risk. The information is not to be redistributed by organizations.

Level 3 (higher risk) – Requires broad public notification, usually done through a public meeting. Law enforcement may also notify individuals and agencies included in Level 1 and Level 2 notifications, and may use the media and other distribution methods to get information to the public.

What is Included in the Public Notification?

General area of residence, description of the registrant and photos, and a description of past criminal behavior, including when and where.

Are Risk Levels Public?

Levels 1 and 2 are not public, except as released by law enforcement as specified in the Community Notification Act or Minnesota Statute 253D.32. Information about those subject to public disclosure (Level 3) is posted on the DOC’s website once law enforcement has determined the information to be disclosed.

Current Level 3 Registrants in the City of New Brighton (as of 12/02/2021)


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