Zoning Code Update


Starting in late 2020, the City of New Brighton will be undertaking an effort to modernize and update the City’s zoning ordinances which date back to the 1970’s in some cases.  We anticipate the process will take upwards of 18 months to complete, but the end result will be worth the time and effort. 

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Key Factors Of The Update
  1.  Formatting and organization to ensure codes are easy to navigate and are easy to understand.
  2.  Making the zoning code user-friendly by including illustrations and utilizing web hyperlinks.
  3.  Modernizing code to ensure all language is consistent with changes to state statute and laws over the years.
  4.  Updating specific standards as needed to meet legal requirements while minimizing impediments to residents and businesses.
Public Outreach Efforts

Concurrent with the zoning code update project, the City will also be launching a public outreach effort specific to development in areas guided for mixed use development.  HKGi, the consulting firm that led the City’s Comprehensive Planning effort, will lead a discussion with landowners and neighbors of our mixed use areas to guide the City in creating new zoning for such areas.  Additional information on this planning effort, once available, will be posted here.

Project Steering Committee

Additionally, a project steering committee representing a broad cross-section of the community will be created this year to guide staff on proposed zoning code updates throughout the course of this project.  The steering committee will first be comprised of volunteers from the City Council and our other public commissions (Planning, Economic Development, Parks, Public Safety, etc).  Once we know who these volunteers are, we will assess the make-up of the resulting committee, and determine what perspectives may be missing from the committee including but not limited to minority populations, business owners, renters, landlords, etc.  Members of the public will be asked to apply for open positions that will ultimately be filled via appointment by the City Council.  More information on how to apply will be posted here once available.  Alternatively, please email Ben Gozola, at Ben.Gozola@newbrightonmn.gov, and express interest now and he will let you know when applications for participation are being accepted.

Contact Information

Updates on the project will be posted to this location on the City’s website, so check-back periodically for new information.  Alternatively, please email our Assistant Director of Community Assets & Development, Ben Gozola, at Ben.Gozola@newbrightonmn.gov, and request to be added to our email distribution list for this exciting project.  Periodic emails will be sent out over the life of this project to keep you informed on the latest happenings and things to come.