Recycling and Garbage

gary-chan-YzSZN3qvHeo-unsplash.jpgWelcome to the City of New Brighton's guide for Recycling and Garbage.  Staff strives to keep the community of New Brighton beautiful, healthy and clean.  Residents are encouraged to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible with both free and low cost options available for different disposal programs.

Want to learn more about recycling and how you can participate more at home and work?  This website has educational information and videos about recycling.  Learn More.

Do you have a product you would like to recycle but don't know where you can drop it off?  Please visit the Ramsey County A-Z guide for recycling below.

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The City of New Brighton has a contract with Republic Services to provide single-sort recycling.  This contract provides residents with a very low flat-rate cost per year for a recycling bin.  Residents are also able to add a second bin or a larger bin at no additional cost.  To get this discount, you must call Republic Services customer support number at 952-941-5174.

Single-sort recycling allows residents to place all recycling material into one cart.

Recycling Guide

If you have any further questions, please visit our Recycling FAQs here.



New Brighton residents are responsible for handling their own solid waste. However, residents may not store, burn, or bury trash or garbage waste on their property. Residents can either choose a hauler from the list below or haul it on their own to a transfer station like Veolia Environmental.

Garbage Haulers:

License Type Name Number Residential Commercial
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Waste Management of Minnesota, INC 952-890-1100 x x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Republic Services 763-784-2104 x x (952-250-9163)
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Walter's Recycling and Refuse, INC 763-780-8464 x x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Randy's Sanitation, INC 763-972-3335 Roll Offs Only
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Aspen Waste System, INC 612-884-8000 x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Keith Krupenny & Son Disposal 651-457-3680 Roll Offs Only Roll Offs Only
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Advanced Disposal 651-487-8552 x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Nitti Sanitation, INC 651-457-7497 x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Curbside Waste, INC 763-504-2872 x
Garbage/Recycle Hauler Ace Solid Waste 763-427-3110 x x

Clean Up Days:

New Brighton sponsors a Clean Up Day event every spring and fall with reduced prices and convenient drop off locations for disposing of common household items.


The Recycling Association of Minnesota is selling compost bins for $66 + tax this year.  Ramsey County residents can get an additional $20 off! To receive the discounted price, order online at and enter promo code “Ramsey”.  Or call 651-641-4589 and mention that you are a Ramsey County resident. Find additional dates and locations at

Organics Recycling:

COVID19 Update: Ramsey County has notified us that all of their food scraps collection sites, including the site in New Brighton, will continue to operate and the material collected will continue to be composted until further notice. Please continue to drop off your food scraps.

New Brighton won a small grant in 2019 to install an organics recycling container for residents to use at no cost.  The site is located at the end of the cul-de-sac on 5th St. NW outside of the Public Works garage at 700 5th St. NW.

Free small personal bins are located at City Hall and free bags are located both on site and at City Hall.

Food scrap collection details. Scraps Brochure_English (4-25-22) PRINT READY.pdf

How to dispose of miscellaneous items:

Yard waste can be disposed of for free at Ramsey County yard waste sites.  Click here for information on hours and locations. 

Household hazardous waste like car oil, paint, fluorescent light bulbs, and other harmful chemicals should never be placed in the trash.  Ramsey County provides free household hazardous waste drop-off sites for county residents.  Click here for information on the locations and times of the household hazardous waste sites.

Electronics and TV’s are made of toxic materials and are not permitted to be placed in the regular garbage.  Best Buy will take some TV’s sets and other electronic devices.  Call to make sure they will take the item before bringing it to a local store.  Another resource for electronic waste disposal is the Rethink Recycling website.  To visit Rethink Recycling click here.

You can find lots of information on how to properly dispose of electronic and other items by checking the Ramsey County A-to-Z disposal guide.  Click here to check out the Ramsey County AtoZ disposal guide. 

Batteries - If thrown in the trash or recycling, batteries may catch fire and pose a threat to people and property. Some batteries also contain toxic metals, such as cadmium, lead or mercury, which can pose a threat our health and the environment.  Batteries off at a Ramsey County household hazardous waste collection site for safe disposal. Find locations and hours at