Code Enforcement

Exchange-Homes.jpgThe City of New Brighton's strong commitment to maintaining and improving the health, safety and welfare of our community is apparent!  It is important that all residents take responsibility for the care and maintenance of their property.  Unsightly yards, homes in disrepair, junked vehicles, piled up tires and overgrown vegetation on your property not only looks bad, but these type of nuisances can also attract rodents and pests and may reduce property values.


The City of New Brighton Code Enforcement Inspector is responsible for investigating and enforcing all nuisance codes and complaints. Other services provided by Code Enforcement:

  • Multi-Family housing inspections
  • Rental licensing (3+ units)
  • Business signage
  • Recycling
  • New Brighton Clean-Up Days

Please email or call 651-638-2061 weekdays during business hours if you have any questions. 

City Hall is currently closed to the public, but even with the COVID19 pandemic, we continue to provide permit and inspection services.
Inspections will be prioritized based on impact to the health and safety of the community and staff, and our availability.


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Common Nuisances
Collection Containers or Bins:

Collection Containers- Recycling and garbage cans may be placed on the side of house, back of house, in the garage, fence enclosure or other area that is out of sight from the front of property.

Weeds & Grass:

All weeds or grass growing upon a lot or parcel of land to a height greater than eight (8) inches is a nuisance and will need to be cut, mowed or removed. City Code Chapter 17 Article 4.

Junked Vehicles:

No person shall store or keep an abandoned, junk vehicle, wrecked or an inoperable vehicle on private property without a special use permit granted by the City Council unless such vehicle is stored in a fully enclosed garage. City Code Chapter 17 Article 3.

Parking Standards:

Parking of any vehicle, boat, or recreational vehicle on other than an approved surface is not allowed.

All off-street driving, loading, and parking areas shall have a paved surface. No vehicle may be parked and no property owner shall allow a vehicle to be parked off-street unless the vehicle is on and over an approved bituminous, concrete, brick, or decorative block surface that spans the entire vehicle. Chapter 11 of the City Zoning Code.


All outside storage of cut firewood needs to be neatly and safely stacked either in the side or rear yard. City Code Chapter 17 Section 17-2 (7).