Silver Lake Road Planning Project

Silver Lake Road Redevelopment Project

The City of New Brighton's Comprehensive Plan, adopted in 2019, identified three of the City's existing commercial nodes along Silver Lake Road as potential areas of improvement.  Per this new plan, all three of these areas are now eligible to be redeveloped with a mix of residential, commercial, office, and civic uses.  The Silver Lake Road Mixed-Use Planning project will provide the City with needed input to form the zoning districts that will govern these areas. 

The first portion of the study is focused on informing residents about each area of potential change, and obtaining input on how future redevelopment should look in terms of form, character, and amenities.  Your input will help shape the vision for all three nodes, and will allow the City to draft new zoning regulations to govern future redevelopment requests.  The end goal is high-quality redevelopment that integrates well with surrounding areas.

Click HERE to check out the project website and take our interactive survey! (Closes in end of October)

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Silver Lake Road FAQ
Are all of these areas being redeveloped?

No.  Like all properties in the City, these lands will only be redeveloped if that is the desire of the individual landowners.  The only difference today is that redevelopment if pursued by the landowner, could now include a mix of uses in the following three areas:

Rice Creek & Mississippi Node: This node primarily includes lands to the west of Silver Lake Road in the area, but can and does extend east of Silver Lake Road in strategic locations where redevelopment could reasonably be accommodated without major impacts to surrounding areas.  These lands are guided for “Neighborhood” Mixed-Use which is the City’s lowest intensity mixed-use district.

Interstate Node: This node encompasses much of the land north of I-694 and south of Palmer/Innsbruck Drive, and includes existing businesses like the Benedictine Health Center, the Ford Dealership, LA Fitness, and Cowboy Jacks.  This area is guided for “Regional” Mixed-Use which is the City’s highest intensity mixed-use district.

St. Anthony Node: This node is the smallest of the three mixed-use nodes along Silver Lake Road, and is located to the north and east of St. Anthony.  Like the Rice Creek and Mississippi Node, these lands are guided for “Neighborhood” Mixed-Use which is the City’s lowest intensity mixed-use district.

What is the timeline for this planning project?

This planning project is still in the very beginning stages. Through this effort, the city plans to gather feedback from residents between now and November to give us the information we need to craft zoning that will govern redevelopment in these areas.  If you have feedback or would like to engage in an interactive survey, we'd love to hear from you. Please click here to fill out a brief survey about what you'd like to see in these new nodes.

How does this relate to the US Bank Redevelopment?

This planning process is completely independent of the private development proposal to redevelop the US Bank site.  Ideally, this planning project would have been completed prior to any redevelopment applications coming forward, but the City does not control the timing of private redevelopment requests.

How can I give feedback and keep up to date on this project?

We have an entire website devoted to community engagement for this project. Click here to learn more about this project and weigh in on how you'd like these nodes to be developed. We'd love to hear your comments about these neighborhoods and get your thoughts on what you want New Brighton to focus on in these areas.