2022 Street Rehabilitation

Public Improvement Project 22-1, 2022 Street Rehabilitation

23rd Avenue NW               - 10th Street NW to cul-de-sac

22nd Avenue NW              - 10th Street NW to cul-de-sac

9th Street NW                     - Oakwood Drive to cul-de-sac

Emerald Drive                    - Oakwood Drive to 7th Street NW

Emerald Court                   - Emerald Drive to cul-de-sac

Patton Road                       - Emerald Drive to cul-de-sac

10th Street NW                  - Garden View Apartments to 11th Avenue NW

9th Avenue NW                 - 7th Street NW to 8th Street NW

7th Avenue NW                 - 10th Street NW to cul-de-sac

6th Avenue NW                 - Old Highway 8 NW to 8th Street NW

7th Street NW                     - 6th Avenue NW to Old Highway 8 NW

14th Street NW                  - Old Highway 8 NW to 1st Avenue NW

1st Avenue NW                  - 14th Street NW to Old Highway 8 NW


The project will include the following components

  • Pavement and base material removal and replacement
  • Spot curb and gutter replacement
  • Fire hydrant replacement
  • Storm sewer improvements
  • Sanitary sewer improvements
  • ADA pedestrian ramp improvements

These streets are identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for rehabilitation in 2022. All construction activities for this project will be completed under a publicly bid contract by a private contractor. The Department of Community Assets and Development will administer the contract and provide the engineering services.

Public Hearing Presentation

Feasibility Study

Info Meeting Presentation

Project Contacts

Steven Toso
Site Representative
(651) 638-2053

Dustin Lind
Engineering Supervisor
(651) 638-2055

Craig Schlichting
Director of DCAD
(651) 638-2056