2021 Street Rehabilitation

Public Improvement Project 21-1, 2021 Street Rehabilitation includes the following street segments:

Longview Drive    -Silver Lake Road to Cedar Drive
Cedar Drive    -Longview Drive to 17th Avenue NW
Brighton Lane   -Longview Drive to Sunnyside Terrace
17th Avenue NW -Longview Drive to County Road H
Sunbow Lane   -Sunnyside Terrace to County Road H
Sunnyside Terrace  -Sunbow Lane to County Road H
Rainbow Lane     -Sunnyside Terrace to County Road H
Oriole Lane   -Sunnyside Terrace to County Road H
Long Lake Court   -Long Lake Road to cul-de-sac
14th Avenue NW -25th Street NW to County Road H

The project will include the following components

  • Pavement and base material removal and replacement
  • Spot curb and gutter replacement
  • Fire hydrant replacement
  • Catch basin replacement
  • ADA pedestrian ramp improvements

These streets are identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for rehabilitation in 2021. All construction activities for this project will be completed under a publicly bid contract by a private contractor. The Department of Community Assets and Development will administer the contract and provide the engineering services.

Informational Meeting Slides

Project Contacts
Steven Toso
Site Representative
(651) 638-2053

Dustin Lind
Engineering Supervisor
(651) 638-2055

Craig Schlichting
Director of DCAD
(651) 638-2056