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Staff Back-up Elections Form

Thank you so much for offering to cross-train as an election judge! Your willingness to help out if needed will help ensure voters in New Brighton will have a safe and positive experience and will help ensure that our elections are run with accuracy and integrity. 

Health and Safety in the Polls 

In order to keep voters, election judges and election staff as safe as possible in the polls on Election Day, we will be employing the following measures:

  • 6’ spacing (or more) of election judge stations and voting booths
  • Signage for voters letting them know what to expect in terms of health and safety as they enter the polls
  • Tape on floor to manage & ensure social distancing in lines
  • Making the Greeter Judge a key position in the polling place to manage lines and answer safety questions
  • Election Judges will be required to wear a face mask unless you have a health concern that would prevent you from doing so. You are encouraged to bring your own mask but if you do not have one, a KN95 face mask will be provided for you.
  • Voters will be encouraged to wear masks. However, voters are not required to wear a face mask in order to exercise their right to vote. Voters who do not have a mask but wish to use one will be provided with a single-use face mask. We will have enough at each polling location for 10% of registered voters at each location.
  • There will be a two one-gallon jugs of hand sanitizer - one at the entrance and one at the exit of each polling place and voters will be encouraged to use it.
  • There will be a smaller bottle of hand sanitizer at each election judge station and election judges will be encouraged to use it.
  • There will be single-use pens for voters.
  • There will be disinfectant wipes for poll pads, voting equipment, voting stations, and other hard surfaces. Election judges will be asked to wipe down all equipment and hard surfaces between each voter.
  • Each polling place will have one box of size medium latex-free gloves and one box of size large latex-free gloves for election judges to use who are passing materials back and forth with voters.
  • Each polling place will have tabletop Plexiglas shields at each election judge station.
  • Each polling place will have a small number of face shields that can be used to assist voters who read lips, that can be used by election judges who prefer wearing both a mask and a face shield, or who have a condition not allowing them to wear a face mask.
  • Increased availability of Curbside Voting
    • Voters who wish to vote on Election Day but are unable to leave their car (including for health concerns) may vote via Curbside Voting much like picking up take-out at a restaurant.

Please let me know if you have questions or concerns about this.

Thank you again for your willingness to help! We appreciate it more than you know! 

Terri Spangrud, City Clerk

651-775-5668 (Cell phone)