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November 1, 1849
The Minnesota Territorial Legislature adopted a law which provided that each township containing 10 or more families could be divided into two or more school districts.

Charles Perry purchased 89 acres at Lake Johanna, becoming the first settler in what was to become Mounds View Township.

August 15, 1851
First birth recorded in what was to become Mounds View Township: Damis Perry, daughter of Charles & Aurelia Perry.

November 13, 1854
First to die in what was to become Mounds View Township: George Perry, son of Charles & Aurelia Perry, born November 13, 1854, died in February 1856.

May 11, 1858
Mounds View Township established. In 1860 the population was 99, in 1875, it was 295, and 1880, it was 575.

February 12, 1868
School District #18 (New Brighton School), was organized by Ramsey County Board of Commissioners.

March 10, 1883
Minnesota Transfer Railroad Company organized, which had connections with other railroads for receiving and handling of livestock, and which led to the development of the stockyards industry in New Brighton.

June 30, 1886
Saint Paul Union Stockyards was announced and financing arranged.

Spring, 1887
The village of New Brighton was surveyed, lots were platted and the streets laid out.

September 30, 1887
The first trainload of cattle arrived at the South St. Paul stockyards.

October 22, 1889
Twin City Packing Company, the first packing company to do business at the New Brighton stockyards, began its operation.

July 4, 1892
Minneapolis Stock Yards and Packing Company was organized in New Brighton.

September 5, 1892
Congregational Church in New Brighton was founded and still exists today as United Church of Christ.

January 20, 1891
Village of New Brighton was incorporated.

June 14, 1897
Plans and specifications for the new Village Hall were approved by the Village Council.

March 1, 1898
The new Village Hall had its first scheduled event, a dance, in its facilities.

July 4, 1891
First of many 4th of July celebrations for New Brighton.

November 12, 1900
Minneapolis Journal announces that the packing houses would close.

Aerial view of New Brighton area.

October 12, 1929
First New Brighton Squash Show was held (this photo was taken many years later).

November 11, 1940
Armistice Day blizzard of 15-21 inches in New Brighton, stranding many motorists who stayed in the Village Hall or private homes in New Brighton.


August 28, 1941
Groundbreaking for arsenal by Federal Cartridge Corporation (TCOP) in Mounds View area of Mounds View Township.


September 19,1942
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt made a surprise visit to TCOP.

August 13, 1949
Old Timers Night annual celebration began and continued until 1964.


February 13, 1952
Village of Arden Hills was incorporated.

June 1951
Voters determined that all nine elementary school districts in the area become consolidated into the Mounds View School District.

Aerial view of New Brighton area.

May 31, 1956
The first graduating class at Mounds View High School, which opened in 1954.

Aerial view of New Brighton area.

July 4, 1964
New Brighton Jaycees began offering Fourth of July activities that continued through the 1970s.

July 20, 1966
Village of New Brighton reached its 75th anniversary.

January 4, 1974
Village of New Brighton becomes City of New Brighton.

April 24, 1980
New Brighton Area Historical Society was founded.

July 4, 1981
New Brighton Stockyard Days activities began; first a joint effort between the New Brighton Area Historical Society and the New Brighton Jaycees, highlighted by steam engine #328 that provided rides for thousands of attendees.


July 4, 1983
Stockyard Days was incorporated and 12 New Brighton civic groups sponsored events.

January 1, 1987
New Brighton celebrates the Centennial of the town platting.

January 1, 1991
New Brighton celebrates the Centennial of its incorporation.

August 22, 1995
New Brighton History Center was dedicated in Long Lake Park, New Brighton. Mayor Bob Benke on step-stool; Senator Steve Novak on caboose; President Joyce Kloncz.

April 28, 2005
New Brighton Area Historical Society celebrates 25 years as an organization.

April 23, 2015
New Brighton Area Historical Society celebrates 35 years as an organization.

June 5, 2016
Annual Rhubarb Fest (at which the renovated 1950 Great Northern caboose was dedicated).