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Highway 694 and 35W run trough the city of New Brighton and are primarily managed by the State of Minnesota.  Keep up to date on summer construction projects through visiting the Minnesota Department of Transportation projects page.

New Brighton also manages the city roads alongside Ramsey County and MNDOT.  Find out what we’re working on this year by visiting our Construction (Streets) page.

A Park-and-Ride lot is located at Salem Covenant Church (Silver Lake Rd. & 5th St. NW) that connects to Bus Routes 25 and 825.


Bus routes that run in New Brighton are managed by Metro Transit. Metro Transit offers an app for smart phones users to purchase tickets directly from their phone, as well as a Go-To Card that riders can add value to before their trips. The following bus routes pass through New Brighton:

  • Route 4 (Runs from New Brighton to Southtown Shopping Center)
  • Route 25 (Runs from Blaine through New Brighton to South Minneapolis)
  • Route 825 (Downtown Minneapolis through New Brighton to Blaine)Transit Link is a curb-to-curb, shared public transportation option for riders that operates on weekdays through the seven-county metropolitan area. Transit Link must be reserved in advance and fares are based on distance traveled.
  • Metro Mobility, run by the Metropolitan Council, is a shared public transportation option for riders who are unable to use regular fixed-route buses.


As a member of the Technical Advisory Work Group on biking and regional barriers, New Brighton staff has identified barriers and problem crossings for biking. If you have time, please complete the map survey of barriers with your known “problem crossings” and preferences for “new crossing” locations along the regional barriers as mapped for this study.

Sidewalk and Trails

New Brighton Street Map

MNDOT Bicycling Routes & Maps

Rice Creek West Regional Trail (Anoka County)


Sidewalk and Trails

New Brighton Street Map

Ramsey County Regional Trails