Data Request Form

When requesting public data, you do not have to provide any contact information. However, if you want data mailed / emailed to you, we will need some type of contact information. If we do not understand your request, we will not be able to begin processing your request until you provide clarifying information. When requesting data classified as private data, you must show valid ID to verify that you are authorized to access the private or nonpublic data in the City's possession. 

(Describe the data you are requesting as specifically as possible.)
Inspection of public data is always free. However, there is a charge for copies of data. You will be provided with a fee estimate as staff processes your request. This fee must be paid before the data is released. Requests estimated to result in $50.00 or more in charges must be prepaid before copies will be made. Please be aware that copyrighted data in the City's possession is available for inspection only. Federal copyright laws prohibit the City from reproducing copyrighted works.