New Brighton Water System Flushing To Begin Monday, Oct. 7, 2019

The New Brighton Water Department will begin flushing hydrants Monday, October 7, 2019, in the City to remove iron from the water system.  The flushing may cause periods of low water pressure and may temporarily cause some reddish-brown water.  The water is safe for human consumption, but may stain laundry.  If discoloration of water occurs, postpone washing clothes. The discoloration should clear up in 24 hours.

The hydrant flushing will start just north of 5th Street NW and continue north to County Road H.  When the north half of the City is complete, the hydrant flushing will begin south of 5th Street NW and continue south to County Road D.  The flushing will take approximately one week to complete.

The water contains a small amount of natural iron and manganese that forms rust, which collects in the water system.  If you get rusty water in your home during the flushing, run a cold laundry faucet about five minutes to purge your home plumbing.  If you happen to get some rusty water in your hot water heater, it may take a day or so to completely clear up.

Beginning in May, 2020, the City will be annually flushing hydrants in the spring each year.

Contact the City at 651-638-2111 if discoloration of your water persists or if you have any questions.     

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