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Election Judge Application

  1. Before Applying

    You can use our PDF form if you wish to download and submit as a PDF or submit a paper application. Alternately, you may request a paper copy of the application materials be mailed to you by contacting our election staff at (651) 638-2100. 

    By completing this form, you are certifying that you are a U.S. Citizen, are 16 years old or older, are a resident of Minnesota, will be finished with all parts of any felony sentence by Election Day, and that you are able to read, write and speak English proficiently. In order to serve, you must complete all required Election Judge training, be appointed by the City Council, follow all election laws as instructed, and serve in an impartial, courteous, professional, and nonpartisan manner. Visit our Election Judge webpage for information about serving as an Election Judge or Election Judge Trainee for the City of New Brighton or, email our election staff.  

  2. Section I - Applicant Information
  3. Section II - Qualifications
  4. Which position are you applying for?
  5. If applying for Head or Assistant Head Election Judge, describe skills and experience you have that would help you serve as a polling place supervisor

  6. Are you a candidate or campaigning as a write-in candidate?
  7. Is someone who lives with you running for public office?
  8. Is your spouse, parent, child, stepchild, brother, sister, stepbrother or stepsister or someone who lives with you also applying to serve as an election judge?
  9. Section III - Experience, Skills, and Training

    The information you provide in this section will help us build strong, diverse, well-balanced teams at our polling places.

  10. Skills, Experience, and Education
  11. Section IV - Availability

    Individuals selected to serve as an election judge may be absent from their place of work for this purpose without penalty if they notify their employer in writing at least 20 days prior to each election. (M.S. 204B.195)

  12. Availability for the November 8, 2022 State General Election - Check all that apply
  13. Other Availability
  14. Section V - Party Affiliation

    The party affiliation of Election Judges is private data and is not available to the public. MN state law does not allow the City of New Brighton to hire you if you do not disclose a party affiliation or declare that you are unaffiliated with a major political party in MN. No more than half of the election judges in a precinct can be from the same major political party. In addition, election judges must be non-partisan while performing election work. By declaring a party, you are indicating that you generally agree with the principals of the party. It does not require that you vote for any particular candidate. 

  15. I am associated with the following political party
  16. PRIVACY NOTICE: Under Minnesota State Statutes section 13.43, your name, address, telephone number, social security number, date of birth, party affiliation and email are private data. You may choose not to provide some or all of this private data, but it may limit your ability to participate as an election judge. For example, your contact information is needed to provide information to you such as precinct assignment, training schedules, cancellation information etc. By completing this information, you are consenting to allow information to be shared with City payroll staff and election staff in order to administer this activity. This consent expires with the conclusion of your eligibility.

  17. Section VI - Signature
  18. Leave This Blank: