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Right of Way

  1. Application Fee: $165

  2. Section 1: Applicant Information
  3. Section 2: Contractor Information
  4. Section 3: Construction Information
  5. Section 4: Location Information
  6. Section 5: Excavation Information
  7. Section 6: Obstruction Information
  8. Section 7: Construction Schedule
  9. Disclaimers
  10. Do you agree to these terms*

    The applicant in carrying on any and all of the work above mentioned or referred to in its application and in the permit issued therefore, shall strictly conform to the terms of such Permit, and the regulations of the City of New Brighton. The applicant shall also comply with the regulations of all other governmental agencies and perform the work in a manner that will not be detrimental to the right-of-way and that will safeguard the public.

  11. Do you agree to these terms*

    Excavators are required to notify the pipeline operator immediately if their work damages a pipeline and to call 911 or other local emergency response number immediately if the damage results in a release of natural gas or other hazardous substance or potentially endangers life, health, or property.

  12. Acknowledgement*

    I (the applicant/company) hereby acknowledge that I must adhere to the City of New Brighton Right-of-Way Ordinance Number 661 and all its provisions.

  13. Plans
  14. Attach 1 set of Engineer grade construction plans (11 inches by 17 inches) to the application.

  15. Payment

    Upon submission you will be directed to the payment page. 

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