Do you have driver's manuals?

We do not carry driving manuals.  You can access them online:




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1. Can I renew and/or replace my Driver's License here?
2. What's the deal with REAL ID and Enhanced Driver's Licenses and IDs??
3. Can I apply for my very first Instruction Permit at your location?
4. Can I take an exam at your location?
5. Do you have driver's manuals?
6. Can I reinstate my driver's license at your location?
7. Do you take disability applications and renewal cards at your office?
8. Can I complete a Commercial Driver License (CDL) medical self-certification form at your office?
9. How can I reach the state about additional Driver's License questions?
10. My child is under 18. Do they need an ID to travel?
11. I'm a brand new resident or returning to Minnesota. How do I get a driver's license or ID?
12. Can I renew, replace, or upgrade my license online?
13. My license is expired! How do I renew it?
14. Will I have to take a photo with my license or ID?
15. I already have a REAL or Enhanced license or ID, what do I need to bring in to renew it?
16. My name has changed, how do I update it on my license or ID?
17. I lost my Social Security card, how do I get a new one?
18. Can I get a birth certificate at your location?
19. Where can I get a certified marriage certificate?