How will the City approach inspections?

Inspections will be focused on basic life, health, and safety issues.  Improvements will only be mandated when the health and safety of tenants is threatened by housing conditions or the lack of necessary equipment (i.e. smoke and carbon monoxide detectors).

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1. Why did the City of New Brighton expand the licensing requirement to single family and duplex rental units?
2. I’ve never had to get a rental license before for my property…will the licensing process be difficult?
3. Is there a cost for this license and will an inspection be required?
4. How will this new program effect rents in single-family and duplex rental units?
5. How will the City approach inspections?
6. Who will be involved during the inspection?
7. I’m not a landlord. How does this change help or impact me?
8. When do I need to secure a license for 2023?
9. Where can I find the complete ordinance establishing the expanded licensing program?
10. Who can I contact if I have questions?