What if I don't have my renewal notice from DNR?

If you are listed as an owner just bring your driver's license or identification. We can look you up and complete the renewal in DNR.

If someone else is stopping in on behalf of the owner, only a notarized DNR Authorization form (PDF) will be accepted on behalf of the owner. Please have the form completed and notarized and attach a copy of the owner's driver's license or state-issued identification card. The notarized DNR Authorization form must have a live ink signature, no copies.

If you would like to add a family member or friend to your non-titled ATV, watercraft, or snowmobile so that in the future they may be able to come in on their own, please complete a Bill of Sale (PDF) with you as the seller and then sign both yourself and that family member or friend back on as buyers. All signatures on the Bill of Sale must be live ink signatures, no copies.

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