How do I register a boat or watercraft?

Purchased Used Boat or Watercraft From Another Person

Please complete an original Bill of Sale for a Boat and Trailer (PDF) between you and the seller. All signatures on the Bill of Sale for a Boat and Trailer must be live ink signatures, no copies.

  • If the boat or watercraft is titled, please complete the buyer's portion of the title and bring that with you. If there is a loan listed, please have the lien release with you as well. Typically a boat or watercraft over 16 feet and/or previously had a loan is titled. Once it is titled it is always titled going forward.
  • If there was no trailer involved in the sale you may leave the trailer portion of the bill of sale blank.

Purchased New Boat or Watercraft From the Store

Begin by completing a DNR universal registration form (PDF). Then, bring the Manufacture's Statement of Origin (MCO) and your receipt with you. Be sure the receipt shows a breakdown of the charges, sales tax, and fees you paid.

Please Note

New watercraft that are both 10 feet or under and non-motorized are not required to be registered in Minnesota.

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