What are zoning districts?

Zoning is the primary tool that Cities use to establish what can and cannot happen on every property within the City.  Whereas a Comprehensive Plan identifies generally allowed uses throughout a community (i.e commercial, residential, industrial, mixed-use, etc), zoning regulations establish the specific standards development must follow in these areas.  Examples of zoning standards include but are not limited to how large a building can be, where structures can be located, and how much parking is required for the use being established.      

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1. What is the "Vision Silver Lake Road 2040" Project?
2. Can I still provide feedback?
3. Why is the planning process being undertaken?
4. What are zoning districts?
5. Where are the new mixed use nodes along Silver Lake Road?
6. Why wasn't this work done as part of the Comprehensive Plan?
7. What is the history of this project?
8. Is the City forcing businesses to close and redevelop?
9. When will redevelopment occur?
10. Who can I contact if I have questions?