Why wasn't this work done as part of the Comprehensive Plan?

A comprehensive plan establishes broad goals for the City and does not get into granular detail on future development. In simple terms, the comprehensive plan is like a family's discussion on what to have for dinner. Everyone gets to weigh in, but ultimately a collective decision is reached on one dish to prepare. The Vision Silver Lake Road 2040 project is essentially the follow-up discussion where family members can weigh in on the specific ingredients to be used. Once consensus on ingredients (or in our case development concepts) is achieved, the dish (i.e. zoning standards) can be created.

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1. What is the "Vision Silver Lake Road 2040" Project?
2. How can I give feedback and keep up-to-date on this project?
3. Why is the planning process being undertaken?
4. What are the new mixed-use nodes?
5. How does this relate to the US Bank Redevelopment?
6. Why wasn't this work done as part of the Comprehensive Plan?
7. Is this the same thing I participated in last fall?
8. How will my input be used during Phase III of Vision Silver Lake Road 2040?
9. What are zoning districts?
10. What happened to my business? The Phase II exhibit eliminated my building!
11. Is the City pushing these changes?
12. When will redevelopment occur?
13. Where can I get more information and track the progress of this study?
14. Who can I contact if I have questions?