Can I still provide feedback?

Public input opportunities specifically for Vision Silver Lake Road 2040 have closed, but there will be at least one public hearing on the zoning language that results from this study.  Scheduling of that public hearing will occur in late 2022.   Please reach out to the Assistant Director of Community Assets & Development, Ben Gozola, if you would like notification of this public hearing.  If you are interested in seeing the feedback received over the course of this project, please visit the project website.

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1. What is the "Vision Silver Lake Road 2040" Project?
2. Can I still provide feedback?
3. Why is the planning process being undertaken?
4. What are zoning districts?
5. Where are the new mixed use nodes along Silver Lake Road?
6. Why wasn't this work done as part of the Comprehensive Plan?
7. What is the history of this project?
8. Is the City forcing businesses to close and redevelop?
9. When will redevelopment occur?
10. Who can I contact if I have questions?