Was the City paid for placing the material on the youth fields?

The RCWD's Hansen Park project allowed for the contractor to store excavated materials in the open area to allow the soil to dry before being hauled out. This activity would either require the fields to be regraded/replaced or RCWD would compensate the City for it to create fields in a different location. The City agreed to the removal of these fields in exchange for $200,000 up front, and approximately an additional $100,000 at the completion of the project. The first $200,000 was used towards the adult softball field at New Brighton Lion's Park, and the remaining funds will be used to improve and convert the existing adult fields on the east of Hansen Park for youth use.

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1. Who is responsible for the Hansen Park Project?
2. Was the public involved in the process?
3. Why was the damn removed/replaced?
4. How much will this project cost and who is paying for it?
5. The trail on the west side was frequently under water: will this be improved?
6. When will the project be complete?
7. Are the dredged materials contaminated?
8. Why did we lose the youth ballfields?
9. What will become of the youth fields?
10. Was the City paid for placing the material on the youth fields?
11. What is the purpose of the sandy/beach-looking areas at the north end of the park near 7th Street?