When will the project be complete?

The remaining dredging will take place in early 2018, with trail work, grading, and revegetation to be completed in the summer. The final planting plan will expand the growth of aquatic plants in the pond, and incorporate native plants throughout the project site (including pollinator-specific plants). The raised park trails on the west side will be paved in late summer 2018. The water level in the pond will be raised to normal around this time as well.

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1. Who is responsible for the Hansen Park Project?
2. Was the public involved in the process?
3. Why was the damn removed/replaced?
4. How much will this project cost and who is paying for it?
5. The trail on the west side was frequently under water: will this be improved?
6. When will the project be complete?
7. Are the dredged materials contaminated?
8. Why did we lose the youth ballfields?
9. What will become of the youth fields?
10. Was the City paid for placing the material on the youth fields?
11. What is the purpose of the sandy/beach-looking areas at the north end of the park near 7th Street?