Why was the damn removed/replaced?

The existing ponding basin (and dam) in Hansen Park was originally constructed in 1969 to be 4 feet deep. Following years of sedimentation, the pond depth was only 6 inches deep just before the project.  RCWD worked closely with the Minnesota DNR, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources (BWSR) to implement the removal of the dam and excavation of the pond.  The pond depth when complete will again be an average of 4 feet deep.  However, the normal water level will be lowered 2 feet and the dam was raised 2 feet.  This combination allows for an additional 11.6 million gallons of water to be stored in the park during heavy storms.

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1. Who is responsible for the Hansen Park Project?
2. Was the public involved in the process?
3. Why was the damn removed/replaced?
4. How much will this project cost and who is paying for it?
5. The trail on the west side was frequently under water: will this be improved?
6. When will the project be complete?
7. Are the dredged materials contaminated?
8. Why did we lose the youth ballfields?
9. What will become of the youth fields?
10. Was the City paid for placing the material on the youth fields?
11. What is the purpose of the sandy/beach-looking areas at the north end of the park near 7th Street?