Are there chicken coop standards?

Yes, the city requires that all coops be no less than 3 square feet per bird.

Other standards:

  • Clean and sanitary
  • Made of sound construction and craftsmanship
  • Be maintained so they remain structurally sound
  • Protect the fowl from the weather
  • Be located in the rear/back yard and meet the most restrictive of the following setbacks:
    • 5 feet from side and rear property lines
    • 25 feet from residences on adjacent and nearby lots
    • A setback from adjacent and nearby residences a distance at least equal to the distance the coop is placed from the residence on the subject property
    • 25 feet from a lake, wetland, pond, stream, tributary, drainage ditch or the like
    • All other structure or building setbacks required under the Zoning Code
  • Not be located inside a primary residence or place of business
  • Follow best practices for nests

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