What if I need assistance casting a ballot?

If you need help voting, you have lots of options! Learn more by viewing the Voting Accessibility page.

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1. Where do I vote on Election Day?
2. How do I vote if I can’t make it on Election Day?
3. What do Voters Who Feel Sick on Election Day Do?
4. What offices and candidates are on my ballot?
5. It’s Election Day and I’ve had an emergency. How do I vote?
6. Can I pick up a ballot for my spouse/child/neighbor?
7. Am I registered to vote?
8. How do I know that you are going to count my absentee ballot?
9. What if I need assistance casting a ballot?
10. Where do I find Election results?
11. Where can I learn more about my unique circumstance?
12. Where can I find voting resources?