Can I choose which site I work at?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that you will be assigned to a specific polling location even if you have worked at that location in the past.

When staffing polling places on Election Day, we consider political party affiliation to ensure that no more than half of the election judges at a given location are affiliated with the same political party. We strive to match new Election Judges with experienced Election Judges. We also try to match the personal skills and experiences of individual election judges in such a way that election staff at each polling place complement each other.

While no specific polling location placement is guaranteed, we recognize transportation can be a barrier to participation. If you wish to serve as an Election Judge but transportation issues limit your location availability, please indicate this in the comment section of your application.

Polling Place Changes

The precinct boundaries and polling places for City of New Brighton voters have changed. Please visit our Redistricting Information page to learn about the City's redistricting work and download the City's complete redistricting plans.

New Precinct 1: Saint John the Baptist Catholic Church; 835 2nd Avenue NW

New Precinct 2: Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; 100 Silver Lake Road

New Precinct 3: Salem Covenant Church; 2655 5th Street NW

New Precinct 4: Christ the King Church; 1900 7th Street NW

New Precinct 5: Faith Church; 1600 Silver Lake Road

New Precinct 6: New Brighton Community Center; 400 10th Street NW

New Precinct 7: The United Church of Christ located at 1000 Long Lake Road

New Precinct 8: GracePoint Church located at 2351 Rice Creek Road

Visit the MN Secretary of State's poll finder after May 30, 2022 to find where your household votes. 

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