What options do I have for returning my absentee ballot?

Before Election Day

Return your ballot by mail using the addressed envelope provided with your ballot.

You may also return your ballot in person to Ramsey County Elections offices located at 90 Plato Boulevard; Saint Paul MN or to Room 209 at the New Brighton Community Center located at 400 10th Street during scheduled absentee/early voting hours. NOTE: Ballots can only be returned to election judges in the absentee voting room at the NBCC during absentee/early voting hours. They may not be left with other staff members or locations. Doing so may cause your ballot to be rejected.

On Election Day

You may return your ballot before 3 pm in person to

New Brighton City Hall (803 Old Highway 8 NW; New Brighton MN) OR

Ramsey County Elections Offices (90 Plato Boulevard Suite 160; St. Paul MN).

Please note that state law does not allow ballots to be returned in person after 3 pm on Election Day. State law also does not allow absentee ballots to be returned to your regular polling location.

If you did not return your absentee ballot by 3 pm on Election Day, you may still cast a ballot in person at your assigned polling location. Alternately, you can hire a delivery service to deliver your absentee ballot to Ramsey County Elections at 90 Plato Boulevard Suite 160 in St. Paul. Please note that it must be received before 8 pm on Election Day. State law requires that absentee ballots be received by 3 pm on Election Day if dropped off in person. However, state law allows absentee ballots to be accepted until 8 pm if delivered to County offices by a professional delivery service.

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