2024 Street Rehabilitation

Public Improvement Project 24-1, 2024 Street Rehabilitation

2024 Street Reconstructions

Project Updates:

Coming Soon...

The project includes the following street segments: 

  • 20th Avenue SW – County Road E to Skyhigh Drive
  • 19th Avenue SW – County Road E to Haines Avenue
  • Haines Avenue – 20th Avenue SW to Oakwood Drive
  • Skyhigh Drive – 20th Avenue SW to Haines Avenue
  • Oakwood Drive – County Road E to Silver Lane
  • 3rd Street SW – Oakwood Drive to 16th Avenue SW
  • 17th Avenue SW – 3rd Street SW to cul-de-sac
  • 2nd Street NW – Old Highway 8 NW to 3rd Street NW
  • Hansen Court – 2nd Street NW to cul-de-sac
  • 9th Avenue NW – 2nd Street NW to 3rd Street NW
  • 3rd Street NW – 9th Avenue NW to cul-de-sac
  • 11th Avenue NW – 3rd Street NW to 3rd Terrace NW
  • 3rd Terrace NW – 11th Avenue NW to Old Highway 8 NW
  • 4th Street NW – Old Highway 8 NW to 12th Avenue NW
  • 12th Avenue NW – 4th Street NW to 5th Street NW

These streets are identified in the City’s Capital Improvement Plan for rehabilitation in 2024. All construction activities for this project will be completed under a publicly bid contract by a private contractor. The Department of Community Assets and Development will administer the contract and provide the engineering services.

The project will include the following components:

  • Removal and replacement of the existing bituminous surfacing
  • Partial curb and gutter replacement
  • Watermain and fire hydrant replacement
  • Storm sewer improvements
  • Sanitary sewer improvements
  • Sidewalk installation

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Neighborhood Info Meeting Presentation (PDF)

  1. Steven Toso

    Engineering Aide IV
    Phone: 651-638-2053
  2. Dustin Lind

    Engineering Supervisor
    Phone: 651-638-2055
  3. Craig Schlichting

    Director of Community Assets and Development
    Phone: 651-638-2056