While equity efforts can sometimes be challenging to quantify, we aim to document the achievements as the City of New Brighton continually progresses toward greater equity. Specifically, as items from the Equity Strategic Action Plan are completed, they will be listed here. 

Date Accomplishments
Sep 2023 Equitable Decision-Making Toolkit was created and shared with City staff. 
Aug 2023 The Administrative Intern created a collection of resources to be used for ongoing staff communication. 
Aug 2023 Name Change Policy was created, and the Name Change Request Form is available to all staff. Staff can now update their chosen name to be used on ID badge, emails, etc. without a legal name change. 
Aug 2023 Equity Strategic Action Team invited city staff to include gender pronouns in email signatures, provided resources, and updated email signature templates.  
Jul 2023 A Housing Study, which outlines strategies to promote stable and affordable housing, was completed. 
Jul 2023 DEI Coordinator analyzed hiring process to account for gaps related to equity and offered recommendations related to job recruitment language and the interview process.
Jun 2023 City hosted first Juneteenth celebration in conjunction with Parks and Rec's Summer Concert Series, sponsored by Lions Club.
May 2023 Equity competency added to all job descriptions. "Demonstrating a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion."
May 2023 Open to Business restarted office hours at City Hall on the third Tuesday of each month from 1-3pm. Open to Business supports potential and established entrepreneurs at no cost. 
May 2023 City website is updated to reflect City's actions and initiatives as well as community resources and events. 
Apr 2023 City hosted its first annual Community Iftar
Apr 2023 LIR Cultural Coaching concluded a 3-part mandatory training series for all staff. 
Mar 2023 City Council approved Resolution 23-029 allowing New Brighton to join the Just Deeds Coalition
Dec 2022 POLCO shared with Equity Commission disaggregated data from Resident Survey
Jun 2022 City Council by proclamation declared June 19, 2022, Juneteenth Day. 
Jun 2022 City became a member of Government Alliance on Race and Equity (GARE). 
Mar 2022 Initial Equity Strategic Action Plan was finalized.
Nov 2021 City Council adopted ADA Transition Plan.
Oct 2021 City hires its first DEI Coordinator.
Sep 2021 City Council adopted the Equity Statement and Equity Framework.
Jul 2021 Equity Strategic Action Team (ESAT) has its initial meeting. ESAT is an internal equity team, which consists of representatives from each City department. 
Jun 2021 Public Safety partners with Faith Community Leaders to hold first annual Compassion Clinic. Medical, dental, and other care services are offered free of charge. 
Jun 2020 Public Safety established the LISTEN Web Page, which is dedicated to the openness and transparency of policing. Topics include, but are not limited to training, use of force, traffic stop data, citizen oversight, and no-knock warrants. 
Feb 2019 Inclusive Community Task Force shared a report outlining 8 recommendations for the City. (LINK)
Oct 2017 City Council passed a resolution creating the Inclusive Community Task Force. Directives were outline to provide City guidance as it moves forward. (LINK)
1998 Department of Public Safety implemented the Neighborhood Oriented Policing strategy to increase police-community relationships and partnerships.