Equity Strategic Action Plan

Equity Strategic Action Plan Cycle

An Equity Strategic Action Plan (ESAP) is a comprehensive document that outlines an organization's efforts to identify and dismantle systemic barriers to fairness, inclusion, and access within its operations, policies, and practices. When used with fidelity, an ESAP is a living document that reflects growth as tasks are accomplished and goals are achieved. 

ESAP 2022 March
Progress Report 2023 May
ESAP 2023 June
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ESAP 2024 January

Progress reports will be posted semiannually with an updated ESAP posted in the subsequent month. 

Equity Framework

New Brighton City Council adopted the Equity Framework below on September 14, 2021. The framework is foundational to our Equity Strategic Action Plan as it includes our City's commitments and principles. 

Equity Framework_2021 September

  1. Background
  2. Equity Statement
  3. Commitments
  4. Principles

The creation and implementation of the Equity Strategic Action Plan continues the work begun by the New Brighton Inclusive Community Task Force (PDF). This group of appointed citizens met regularly in 2018 to discuss how the City of New Brighton can be more inclusive and welcoming to all people. Recommendations from the Task Force (PDF) were presented to the City Council and adopted in 2019. While some of the Task Force's recommendations were enacted, our organization has learned there are no quick and easy solutions. We need to build capacity in order to effectively address issues of equity in our community.

The Inclusive Community Task Force also did not provide recommendations directly related to racial equity. The Equity Strategic Action Plan builds off the work started by the Task Force and more comprehensively addresses issues and recommendations that were first identified by the Task Force. Our organization has also learned that the demographic fabric of New Brighton has changed. This makes the creation, execution, and follow-up of the plan even more important and urgent.

According to U.S. Census data (PDF), Black/Indigenous/People of Color (BIPOC) residents make up 31.2% of New Brighton's population compared to 19.9% in 2010. Specific populations of residents have seen increases in population numbers over the same time period: the population of people in New Brighton that identify as Black or African American has increased by 98% from 2010, Hispanic or Latino resident numbers has increased by 65%, and residents identifying as having more than one race increased by 133%. Almost half (46.5%) of all residents under age 18 in New Brighton are BIPOC residents. This compares to 26.8% for BIPOC residents aged 18 and up. This highlights how our future population in New Brighton will continue to become increasingly diverse. The past and anticipated change in our overall demographics require us as an organization to review our practices, policies, and procedures to ensure our diversity, equity, and inclusion goals can be fully met.

At a societal level, we have seen how important it is for municipalities to intentionally address issues of equity, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and nationwide issues related to policing. Our Public Safety Department has been proactive in accomplishing its mission: "The New Brighton Department of Public Safety, in partnership with the community, is dedicated to protect, serve and educate. We value and promote respect for human dignity by ensuring a common goal of a safe community." We encourage all those interested to visit our Listen webpage, which was set up to provide transparency in our policing services and data. While we have not experienced significant problems related to policing, we recognize the need to be constantly improving and building trust in the communities we serve. This holds true for all of our municipal departments and the entirety of our organization.