Just Deeds Coalition

The City of New Brighton takes pride in its diverse community and is committed to creating a welcoming environment for all residents. In light of recent attention to discriminatory covenants found in property deeds in Hennepin County and Ramsey County, New Brighton is further dedicated to addressing systemic racism and discrimination in housing. 

On March 14, 2023, Council approved Resolution 23-029, which allowed New Brighton to join the Just Deeds Coalition to leverage community partners that support property owners in removing their discriminatory covenants at no charge and to raise awareness about the harmful legacy of the covenants. 

Does your property have a covenant? 

You can find out by going to www.mappingprejudice.umn.edu and entering your property address into the search bar on the map. Properties with discriminatory covenants will be in green. 

Yard Signs are Now Available!

Raise awareness with a yard sign! They are free with a suggested donation of $5 (card, cash, or check). Pick one up from City Hall today! 

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We will be hosting a virtual event to share with you the history of discriminatory covenants. 

December 5, 2023
6:30-8:00 PM
Register today to receive the Zoom link.
*If you have questions, please email Hue Schlieu, DEI Coordinator.

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  1. Our Journey
  2. History of Covenants
  3. Community Partners
  4. Remove Covenants
  5. What Can All Residents Do?

Just Deeds Interest Form

  1. Form Overview

    New Brighton joined the Just Deeds Coalition, a coalition of community stakeholders committed to acknowledging and addressing systemic racism in housing, by resolution from the City Council on March 14, 2023. 

    New Brighton property owners can now remove the discriminatory covenants from their property deeds free of charge. Completing this interest form sets in motion support from City staff, City Attorney, and Ramsey County.  

    Only property owners should complete this form for their own New Brighton property. If property owners own multiple properties with discriminatory covenants, please fill out a separate form for each property.

  2. Discriminatory Covenant Overview

    Discriminatory covenants are clauses embedded into property deeds to prevent the purchase or occupancy of properties on the basis of race, religion, and other protected classes. 

    Discriminatory covenants created long-lasting consequences and a legacy of inequity between White people and Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC). 

    They are currently unenforceable due in part to the Fair Housing Act of 1968. Discharging a discriminatory covenant ensures they will not be enforceable regardless of potential changes in Federal legislation. The offending language will be removed and no longer be searchable, but there are no impacts on your home ownership.  

  3. Property must be in New Brighton

  4. We must be able to contact you in order to provide assistance

  5. Is anyone else listed on the property title?*

    Usually a spouse or trustee. This is important because all people on the property title must sign the documents to discharge discriminatory covenants. 

  6. Public Data Advisory*

    Some of the information requested on this form is private information under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. We will use this information to help you find and remove discriminatory covenants on your property and to communicate with you about your request. We may provide this information to our partners in connect with your request, including other government entities, pro bono attorneys, and title professionals. 

  7. Next Steps

    Upon submission of this form, you will be connected with New Brighton's City Attorney who will handle the legal aspects of discharging discriminatory covenants. Any issues regarding your property that is unrelated to discharging the covenant will not be addressed by the City Attorney. 

    Additionally, the City Attorney is providing these services pro bono, which may impact the level of priority given to the completion of the task. We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

    Once the City Attorney completes the legal portion, you will need to submit the Discharge of Restrictive Covenant Affecting Protected Classes Form with Ramsey County Recorder's Office or the Ramsey County Registrar of Titles Office. The City Attorney will direct you to the correct office based on the type of property you have (Abstract or Torrens). The filing fee for this document has been waived. Links to these resources can be found on New Brighton's Just Deeds Coalition webpage

  8. Leave This Blank:


Community members with questions or comments are welcome to reach out. One-to-one connections in person, over zoom, or over the phone are all available options.

Hue Schlieu, DEI Coordinator
651-638-2073 | [email protected]