RFP - Updating Parking & Access Standards

RFP—Updating Parking and Access Standards to Beautify and Enhance Land Use Throughout the Community

Download the RFP here.

SUMMARY:The City of New Brighton, MN, is seeking a qualified consultant to modernize the City’s outdated zoning standards for parking and access throughout its zoning code.
ISSUE DATE:March 2, 2023
DUE DATE:March 31, 2023
NOTICE OF AWARD:April 26, 2023
DEADLINE FOR INQUIRIES:The deadline for inquiries shall be March 17, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.  Questions and/or inquiries shall be emailed to Ben Gozola at [email protected].  The City of New Brighton reserves the right to issue RFP amendments after the question and answer period. It is each proposer’s responsibility to check the City’s website (www.newbrightonmn.gov) and/or contact Ben Gozola after March 17th for any addenda to this RFP.  
SUBMITTAL PROCESS:Proposals shall be emailed in .pdf form to Ben Gozola ([email protected]), or be delivered in a sealed envelope attention: Ben Gozola, City of New Brighton City Hall, 803 Old Highway 8, New Brighton, MN 55112. All proposals shall be received on or before March 31, 2023, at 4:00 p.m. Central Standard Time.
MAIN CONTACT:Ben Gozola ([email protected]) or 651-638-2059

RFP Updates:  At this time, there are no amendments to the March 2 RFP.

Q&A:  As questions come in that are generally applicable, we will strive to populate those questions and our response below for your reference.

Q: Is the timeline flexible?    A: Provided all work can be completed in 2023 (including the ordinance approval adopting the new parking standards), we will work with the selected consultant on an amenable timeline.

Q: What is the budget or budget range?     A: We are asking consultants to identify the most cost effective way to achieve the goals listed in the RFP.  Budget is only one factor being examined in our review process, and it will not necessarily be the predominant factor to determining who is selected.  We believe we have an ample budget to support this effort, and intend to fully fund the consultant who can best achieve the listed objectives given their experience and outlined approach.

Q: Is the City’s Overnight Parking restriction a “hot button”?  Evaluating this to maximize existing infrastructure versus new may be something to look at.  However, if its an option not on the table, then we would want to not want to suggest it.     A: The overnight parking prohibitionhas been in code for quite some time, so from that perspective we’d say no.  That said, enforcement (or lack thereof) does come up from time to time and is probably more of a hot-button issue than the current regulation itself.  

Q: The second goal listed in the RFP is to eliminate unnecessary hard surfaces.  Is the intent of the question that this is done with reduced minimum parking stalls or through creative parking design like grass pave/pervious pavement? This goal can be interpreted different ways.     A: The intent of this update is to ensure the City is requiring only what is needed given the latest research and understanding of parking needs for modern developments.  The assumption is this will allow for a more efficient use of land and the (potential) reduction of otherwise required hard surfaces on any given site.  “Unnecessary” is the key word and does not preclude increasing parking standards where deemed necessary by the chosen consultant.

Q: Did staff have discussions with Economic Development Commission and/or Equity Commission on the parking RFP or parking issues related to the RFP? If so, is their input reflected in the RFP goals?    A: The EDC knows the project is happening and supports the purpose of the project, but they did not participate in the RFP development.  The Equity Commission is quite new, so their plate has been full with other matters.  All respondents should proposed the level of outreach and inclusion you feel is needed to achieve the best outcomes.

The City of New Brighton is excited to find an expert in the field of parking regulations, and we greatly look forward to completing this project with you!

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