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Local Restaurants

New Brighton has many local restaurants to choose from.  Below is a list and map to help find these great establishments.

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Map IDNameAddressPhone

2Adagio's Pizza Factory2052 Silver Lake Rd NW651-631-8430
3Big Louie's Bar And Grill790 Old Hwy 8 SW651-636-2901
4Brother's Taqueria2398 County Rd E651-414-0093
5Bru House Coffee Shop & Drive Thru1431 Silver Lake Rd NW651-631-1112
6China Tiger2178 Silver Lake Rd NW651-746-0220
7Cowboy Jacks2397 Palmer Dr651-604-9309
8Cub Foods New Brighton2600 Rice Creek Rd651-636-2277
9Dairy Queen409 Old Hwy 8 NW651-636-6560
10Dairy Queen2200 Silver Lake Rd651-633-9728
11Domino's Pizza525 Main St651-638-3030
12Giuseppe’s Italian Ristorante1435 Silver Lake Rd651-631-2744
13Jimmy John's500 5th Ave NW651-636-0000
14Limu Coffee500 5th Ave NW651-633-3453
15Marco's Pizza2051 Silver Lake Rd651-212-2545
16McDonald's729 Long Lake Rd651-631-9176
17McDonald's1168 Silver Lake Rd651-636-5254
18Perkins696 County Rd. D651-631-2026
19Pho 400400 Old Hwy 8 NW651-633-9480
20Subway1121 Silver Lake Rd651-633-0040
21Thai & More2020 Silver Lake Rd651-600-3600
22The Exchange Food & Drink500 5th Ave NW651-348-6289
23The Original Mediterranean Grill (reopens in Feb. 2023)788 Cleveland Ave SW651-255-7827
24Wong's Kitchen125 Silver Lake Rd NW651-636-2272

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