Single Family & Duplex Licensing

ALL residential rental dwelling units in the City of New Brighton will be required to have a valid rental license starting in 2023.  The City already licenses all multifamily buildings in New Brighton, and expanding the licensing program to single family and duplex units will ensure that every rental unit in the City is properly maintained and managed in order to be rented. In making this change, the City hopes to achieve legitimate, safe, and healthy living spaces for landlords, tenants, and neighbors.

In General

  • Owners of single family homes and duplex units (one or both sides) who wish to rent out their property must obtain a rental license from the City on an annual basis.   The license ensures the property is inspected for health and safety standards at least once every three (3) years, and ensures the City has up to date information on the rental in the event that problems arise.
  • Inspections of single family and duplex units will ONLY focus on safety and health issues:   are there properly located smoke and C.O. detectors, are all switch plates covered with no exposed wiring, do locks and windows work, do utilities and appliances work, etc.
  • Rental applications are due by December 31st for the following year’s rental period, or if mid-year, within 30 days of obtaining a property for rental purposes.   
  • Regardless of the issuance date, licenses are valid through December 31st of the year in which the license is issued.  Renewal applications for existing licenses are due by December 31st.  Provided a renewal application is submitted, the existing rental license will remain valid into the following year until a new license is issued.
  • Sale of a rental property terminates the rental license at the time of sale.  The new owner must obtain a new license within 30 days of acquiring the property if they wish to continue renting the unit.   Early applications are encouraged.

If you have any questions about the City of New Brighton’s Single-Family and Duplex Rental Licensing Program, please contact our code compliance officer at (651) 638-2061, or Email Scott Gigrich 

Ordinance 892 Rental Licensing Requirements

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